Live, love, work and prosper in 2018


Live, love, work and prosper in 2018

'A clever, complex analysis of the theory of incremental achievement, and an elegant exposition of why love makes life worth living.' Alastair Stewart OBE

To kick off the New Year with an aptly timed ‘New Year, New You’ publication, we launched entrepreneur Michael Tobin’s thoughtful manifesto on the work/life balance, Live, Love, Work, Prosper, at Daunt Books in Cheapside last week.

While it may seem overwhelming to unpick a potential unhealthy work/life balance only a few weeks into 2018, Michael suggests that rather than conceptualising the management of this balance as a difficult divide we need to see work and life as drawing on the strengths of each other to enhance our way of living and working. Live, Love, Work, Prosper persuades us to transform our relationship with technology from one of incarceration to liberation by having the confidence to stay connected 24/7 without feeling guilty that our home life is suffering.

To further support his belief in the importance of staying connected, the pages of Live, Love, Work, Prosper bridge the gap between print and digital. Each chapter of the book contains a QR code delicately nestled into an illustration. You simply need to scan the code with your phone while reading the text, and you will be taken to a selection of videos where Michael further expounds on the chapter you have finished reading.

With engaging personal anecdote and inspiring quotes from top business figures, Live, Love, Work, Prosper is a handy business book to have in your arsenal as you brave another year of juggling work and life and everything in between.

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