Playful publishing with Oxford University


Playful publishing with Oxford University

When a college is beloved, it isn’t difficult to find material for a book that celebrates its history. For Corpus Christi College Oxford, we created something a little different to match a college that is, well, a little different!

Corpus Christi thrives as an educational institution with an intimate character that fosters a tight-knit, unique community. For their 500th anniversary we worked with author Dr Stephen Hickey to compile a collection of reminiscences that would give the reader a students’-eye view into the college community. Dotted throughout the text are black and white images kindly donated by alumni and, from a photograph of the 1945 freshers to matriculation in 1979 when Corpus became a mixed college, the images further illuminate the charm of the text.

With a history book from the students’ point of view, we had a fantastic opportunity to design a cover that would speak to the playful aspects of the text, while still demarcating the book as a work of non-fiction. It was a thin line to tread at points and we revised various covers with our designer Leo Nickolls until we decided upon the beautifully illustrated cover and delicate typography we went to print with. We chose an embossed matte title to add a layer of contrast to the faint colour wash of the background. We also decided on a paperback with flaps, another subtle nod to the character of the college that provided further space for inviting quotes gleaned from alumni. The result is a spirited, eye-catching paperback that will be sure to convince a student or two that their best fit is Corpus Christi College in Oxford.

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