Encourage early alumni investment


Encourage early alumni investment

We have worked across a wide range of projects that celebrate the heritage of schools, colleges and other institutions. Often these institutions will have dedicated alumni and community databases, and we appeal directly to these communities with our subscription offer, promoting the book at a discounted price. Subscriber names are listed in the back of the book.

Promotions directly target the ideal audience for each book and provide them with a chance to invest in the story of their educational institution of choice. Their purchase of a book is not only a confirmation of their pride and continuing interest in their institution’s history, but also a strengthening of their ties to the wider community through a shared heritage.

We can offer the printing of specially designed brochures that fit with the institution’s set mailout, such as a quarterly alumni magazine or similar correspondence. We recommended two brochure runs and ensure that the second brochure includes a selection of draft spreads from inside the book, so that potential customers can invest in more than just the idea presented to them in the initial brochure. These brochures are complemented with digital assets that span social media and all contributing websites. Early discussions of upcoming publications also allow the institution to extend its celebration of an upcoming anniversary or milestone throughout the production of the book.

From Cambridge Engineering and 500 Years of The Royal College of Physicians to The Great East Window of York Minster and Denman College, these promotions have reached students of Engineering, practising physicians, art history lovers and supporters of adult education all around the world. 

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