Which Corpuscle are you?


Which Corpuscle are you?

Rebecca Rist (1995) identified the six ‘College Types’ below. Do you fit the mould?


The River-Corpuscle: generally ‘a gentlemanly, well-turned-out public schoolboy’.

The PC-Corpuscle: ‘kind-hearted, well-meaning, but
occasionally bordering on the officious, he/she is
committed to doing staggering amounts of good deeds
in the realms of welfare activities, charity work, women’s

The Beautiful-Corpuscle: ‘never to be caught doing
any work’, and in summer ‘lounging in the garden,
nonchalantly playing croquet, sunning himself by the
Pelican, and entering into the bizarre mating ritual of
trying to attract the female of the species by downing as
much Pimm’s as possible’.

The Christian-Corpuscle: ‘surprisingly active and prevalent
at Corpus … Definitely Low Church’.

The Good-Time-Corpuscle: ‘a nocturnal type, to be seen
propping up the bar on a Friday night’.

The Classicist-Corpuscle: ‘not strictly a type, but a group,
this motley crew is to be found in all walks of Corpus
life. To be spotted with tedious regularity in Corpus

Extracted from The Great Little College by Dr Stephen Hickey

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