The Story of the Benetton Holding Company 1986-Present
The corporate history of the world-class, multi-national Benetton brand.

A corporate history of the innovative Benetton Holding Company, Edizione follows the early days of the family-owned brand, through governance and structure changes, mass distribution, infrastructure and network growth, to wider views for the future.

In the late 1980s, as a world-class, multi-national and family-run business, the Benetton brand was considered a symbol of Italian entrepreneurial creativity. While at the height of its success, the Benetton family set in motion a process of diversifying its core business, developing its interests in large-scale distribution, infrastructure and the real estate sector.

This strategy was made possible by the creation of an independent family-management system: Edizione Srl, today one of Europe's major holding companies. Edizione Srl has investments in many sectors, ranging from motorway and airport catering, infrastructure and mobility, to real estate and agricultural services.

'A shining example of solid, innovative business.'

- Ferruccio de Bortoli

Published 13 Jul 2017
Author Andrea Colli
Biography Andrea Colli teaches Economic History at Bocconi University in Milan. He is the author of The History of Family Business, 1850-2000.
ISBN 9781781259580, 9781782834373
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