In Our Time

Many Cambridge colleges are old. Many of them are distinguished. Many have featured in attractive history books telling the story of their foundation, their early history, and their ancient architecture. All these things are true of Pembroke.

This book is about Pembroke, but not its distant past. It is, instead, about the Pembroke that its current members have known and shaped over the last seven decades. It paints a portrait of Pembroke as a community of human beings - and the odd cat!

Pembroke In Our Time is a social history of the Pembroke experience since the Second World War. It looks at how the college has grown - in numbers, in ambition, in international reach. It takes an affectionate but candid look at how it works: at its finances, its government, its kitchens, its yearly routines and customs. And at the parts that don't always work: its failed building plans and occasional rows.

Editors: Colin Gilbraith and Catharine Walston

Published 1 Oct 2007
Author Catharine Walston|Colin Gilbraith
ISBN 9781903942536
Showcase Edition