Populism and Economics
Essential reading from a leading macroeconomic forecaster
Populism and Economics, Charles Dumas' latest book, examines the reasons for the rise in populism - Brexit and the election of Trump among other events - and how this discontent with the status quo has affected economics, both perceptions and reality. The book argues that while globalization and the influence of new technology have pulled the world economy out of recession and while the benefits of world trade are now spread more widely, there is a perception of injustice because of inequality within individual nations. In a detailed region-by-region analysis of the current state of the world economy and using exclusive research carried out by TS Lombard, Dumas shows how the perception of inequality now threatens to destabilize not only politics but also the economic order itself.
Published 5 Jul 2018
Author Charles Dumas
Biography Chief Economist at TS Lombard, Charles Dumas is one of the world's leading macroeconomic forecasters. His previous books include Globalisation Fractures (2010) and The American Phoenix (2011).
ISBN 9781788161893

Praise for Globalisation Fractures:

To understand the cuases of the financial crisis, read this insightful analysis.

- Mervyn King, Bank of England Governor

Brilliant...asking all the right questions about our economic future - crises, migration, technology, inequality, globalisation, populism, monetary and fiscal policy. Can we survive it all?

- Peter Jay

Populism and Economics ... is clear, well written and, most important of all, right!

- Lord Mervyn King