Britain's Gurkhas

Ranging from 18th-century India to 21st-century Afghanistan, this new, highly illustrated authoritative history of the Brigade of Gurkhas is destined to become the definitive work on the subject. In this account, the whole panorama of the Brigade's unique story is covered from the early 19th Century to the present day, including the tense moments when the continued existence of the Brigade hung by the slenderest of threads.

As well as being a deeply researched and accurate account, there are plenty of instances of Gurkha humour shining through amidst battle and adversity. It is highly readable, and also takes full advantage of the unique archives of the Gurkha Museum. With the invaluable help of the Curator and Archivist, the book is lavishly illustrated with pictures, photographs and maps, many never seen outside the Museum.

CONTENTS: Nepal and the Gurkhas – War with the British – Establishing a Reputation and The Great Sepoy Mutiny – The Troubled Frontiers – World War One – The Turkish Front 1914-18 – Peace of a Sort – World War Two: The Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean – World War Two: Italy and Greece – World War Two: The Far East-Malaya and Singapore – World War Two: Defeat in Burma – World War Two: Victory in Burma – The Pains of Peace. Indian Independence, French Indo-China, Dutch East Indies, Malaya – The Brunei Revolt and Indonesian `Confrontation' – An Uncertain Future Resolved – Crisis in Hong Kong and The Falkland Islands Campaign – 1983-93, A Difficult Decade – A New Horizon – A New Millennium Into Battle

''I wholeheartedly commend Brigadier Bullock's book as our authorized history to anyone who wishes to know more about our splendid soldiers. You will be left in no doubt that Britain is fortunate indeed to have the Gurkhas as our friends and comrades.'' – From the Foreword by the Colonel Commandant Brigade of Gurkhas, General Sir David Richards KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen

Edited by Christopher Bullock OBE MC

Published1 November 2009