The 3Qs of True Leaders

'Once we are at ease, we can let go and give 100 per cent of ourselves to those around us. This is what others expect and need of you as a true leader. It is what matters to them if they are to rely on you, feel valued and buy into you' – Larry Robertson, chairman of Robertson Burns

Many people aspire to lead, but once you in a leadership position, how do you bring your own personality to the fore? How do you lead as you? The Three Qs of True Leaders by Larry Robertson shows you how to foreground your own qualities, develop confidence in your own style of leadership and bring others with you.

Through a series of 30 short narratives or scenarios, Larry shows how current or aspiring senior executives and young managers can draw on their own personal qualities to formulate their leadership style. Each of the book's three sections illustrates a key theme or Q (Authenticity, Empathy and Intent – AQ, EQ and IQ). The narratives cover all aspects of leadership and are adaptable to any profession. Following on from each narrative, bullet points help the reader recap on the previous story and gives them a 21-90 day challenges which provide advice on changing behaviour towards the habits of success.

Published7 September 2023