The Making of a Modern University
Liverpool John Moores University
An illustrated narrative history of the pioneering Liverpool John Moores University

The Making of a Modern University traces the development of Liverpool John Moores University into the pioneering institution it is today. This illustrated history follows a narrative intertwined with the history of the city and the ambitions and endeavours of enlightened, entrepreneurial and philanthropic citizens who have shaped and inspired this modern university.

In 1822 the founding of the Liverpool Mechanics' and Apprentices' Library became the catalyst for an educational revolution in the city of Liverpool. Later to become Liverpool John Moores University, this institution has transformed Liverpool into a city of learning, raising and supporting the aspirations of its communities.

With cover illustrations by University alumna Charlie Backhouse and text by key University figures Roger Webster and Shonagh Wilkie, The Making of a Modern University is a true celebration of the lasting impact of Liverpool John Moores University.

"This book celebrates the history and evolution of a unique institution. It is a story that exemplifies the power and benefits of education and the commitment of people who have the courage of their convictions to work together for a shared goal."

- The Rt Hon. Sir Brian Leveson, Chancellor

Published 22 Jun 2017
Author Roger Webster

Roger Webster was the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies at the University until his retirement in 2015, and Professor of Literary Studies.

Shonagh Wilkie is the University's Corporate Communications Manager.

ISBN 9781781258194
Showcase Edition