The University of Cambridge
an 800th Anniversary Portrait

Cambridge is one of the world's great universities, providing education, scholarship and research at the very highest level. Home to more Nobel laureates than any other institution, it attracts students and academics from across the globe and is internationally regarded as one of the major intellectual powerhouses extending the frontiers of knowledge.

The University of Cambridge: An 800th Anniversary Portrait features expert, informative and entertaining contributions from leading Cambridge figures of every generation and offers a vibrant panorama of the past, present and future of a living community. Edited by Peter Pagnamenta, one of Britain's most distinguished documentary producers, this lavishly illustrated, beautifully designed and produced hardback volume traces the University's growth and development from its small beginnings to today's eminence and tomorrow's aspirations.

Published 1 Sep 2009
Author Peter Pagnamenta
ISBN 9781903942659

Suitably emollient on the whole, though with sharp edges in places, this compendium of low living and high thinking, of student press and Nobel Prizemen ... will enjoy a wide readership.

- The Times Literary Supplement

Chock-full of images and bursting with contributions from a veritable Who's Who of twentieth-century Cambridge alumni, Pagnamenta's book is entertaining, informative, and up-to-date. Four stars.

- Varsity
Showcase Edition