Tony Laithwaite awarded CBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours list

Congratulations to Tony Laithwaite, founder of Laithwaite’s Wine and author of company history Direct: Tony Laithwaite My Story, who was honoured with a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Founded in 1969, Laithwaite’s Wine celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and it’s extremely fitting that 2019 also sees Tony commemorated for his fifty years of service to the wine industry.

In Tony’s words, ‘It is a bit over the top, to give Laithwaite a CBE. Certainly that will be said. But I would never be so ungrateful as to say it myself. I’m just totally thrilled … but embarrassed a bit. I had no idea. When the OHMS envelope came, I thought “speeding fine”.’

Find out more about Tony’s reaction to the achievement over on his blog.

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