Publish with us

Publishing a book can seem overwhelming at first, but we make it an easy and enjoyable process. Making good books requires hands-on guidance and attention to detail. Our experts will work with you at every stage to curate your archive and the product to your requirements. We look after every step of the production process of your book from concept and design through to delivery and fulfilment. We can source the right photographer and author to suit your publication. We bring our creativity and expertise to every project to produce a book you can be proud of.

Why publish a book?

Beautiful books have the power to tell a story that will resonate beyond the printed page. Whether you’re a business leader who wants to share your insights or an organisation with an extensive image catalogue, we can create an elegant book to engage your audience. Anniversaries and key events provide vital marketing opportunities and books are a great way to promote your brand, connect with your community and enhance your reputation. We will combine your vision with our expertise to create a book that stands out among its peers.

What you can expect

We will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the project goals and establish a timeline.
  • Assign a project manager to plan each stage of production.
  • Source material with your archive team or provide help to navigate your archive.
  • Design and lay out the cover and internal pages.
  • Copy-edit, proofread and create an index for the text.
  • Negotiate with our suppliers to tailor the project to you.
  • Print, pack and deliver your books to your location of choice.
  • Market and sell your book with the help of our expert Profile Books team.

To discuss your project,  please contact Peter Jones, Publishing Director, at or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7841 6300.