A Book of King's

For the thousands of people who pass through the Cambridge colleges in a year, the walls, courts, gates, and buildings are what defines these unique institutions. But what is hidden from view – and yet forms the essence of each college – are the people who have lived behind those walls and who have studied, researched, and taught in the college. Together they form each college's unique opportunity.

In this book, the workings of one Cambridge college, King's, are laid bare through the words and images of forty or so members of the College, ranging from undergraduates to elder statesmen. Anyone who thinks that King's College, Cambridge, is defined only by its world-famous chapel and choir will find in A Book of King's a richer, deeper world of learning, fellowship, humour and self-awareness.

The book is illustrated with photographs by Martin Parr, one of Britain's leading photographers, and there is original artwork by Anna Trench, Jan Pienkowski and other artists.

Published1 November 2012