A History of Elizabeth College, Guernsey

This is the first comprehensive history of Elizabeth College since the school was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1563.

The history of Elizabeth College is closely interlinked with the history of Guernsey and many of its former pupils have become significant figures in the island. The school, however, has never been insular in outlook and generations of Old Elizabethans have made their mark all over the world. No fewer than four OEs have been awarded the VC.

It is an account which will fascinate present pupils, their parents and, of course, Old Elizabethans. Even those who are reasonably familiar with Elizabeth College may find themselves greatly surprised by the characters and events which colour this endearing story of a proud school.

'An enjoyable, informative and valuable contribution to Guernsey's historical literature.' Dr Darryl Ogier, Guernsey Archives

Edited by Bruce Parker

Published1 December 2011