Aldenham School

Aldenham School: A Foundation for Success was commissioned to celebrate the success of Aldenham School over more than 400 years and to mark the achievements of all those who have been associated with the School throughout its long history. It is written by those with an intimate knowledge of the School and lavishly illustrated throughout with images from an extensive archive. These include the Stanley Spencer painting, 'The Crucifixion', which is such an iconic image for former members of the School.

The book charts the history of the School from Richard Platt's original foundation, showing how the school evolved through periods of both continuity and change. It features the Quartercentenary celebrations and the visit from HRH The Princess Royal in 1998. Highlighting significant events and profiling important people, this beautiful school history confirms the School's historical strengths and enduring traditions.

'My memories of Aldenham are vivid even now; the strict routines of each teaching day, the elation of winning a House competition, being permanently hungry (though we ate for England), enjoying the CCF, learning how to develop photos and building steam engines; I can recall the day when I realised that I could fence better than my instructor. For me, my time at Aldenham was a journey of learning and discovery, with friends made and many new things achieved so please share your own memories and memorabilia for this new celebration of Aldenham School's history and then purchase what is sure to be an enjoyable and interesting read.'

– Neil Sutherland OBE MA (Beevor's 66-70), President Old Aldenhamian Society

Published30 September 2011