Arbuthnot Bank

In the early years of Arbuthnot & Latham, it prospered greatly as a merchant of produce from India. It soon branched out into finance and lending and by the end of its first 100 years, Arbuthnot belonged to that distinctive breed of 'merchant banks', the City's elite, enjoying the special patronage of the Bank of England.

But war and the huge upheavals that shook up the City in the 20th century forced drastic change upon Arbuthnot. As a small family-owned bank it was not suited to the evolving world of international capital. In 1981, the family decided the time had come to sell out. Arbuthnot was soon fortunate to find a buyer who prized its long history and banking excellence and under Henry Angest, a Swiss banker, Arbuthnot recovered and thrived.

This corporate history highlights the enduring attributes of Arbuthnot Bank that have enabled it to survive through the years of credit crunch and flourish as a merchant bank whose name continues to provide a secure and high-quality service for its clients.

Published25 March 2013