Aylesbury Grammar School: A History

This year, 2023, marks the 425th anniversary of the foundation of Aylesbury Grammar School in 1598. That’s 425 years of educating local students. Since its foundation, the School has survived 19 monarchs, the upheaval of two world wars – as well as the English Civil War – and various relocations around Aylesbury. AGS began life as a boys’ school, then at the turn of the 20th century it became co-educational, and it finally reverted back to being a boys’ school when Aylesbury High School was founded in 1959. It has witnessed a huge amount of change, a few disasters and more than its fair share of exciting moments and thrilling triumphs. Most importantly, as this book shows, AGS has kept true to the founding vision of its second great benefactor, Henry Phillips, through offering an extraordinary education to ordinary local boys.

The 425th anniversary book reveals the fascinating history of Aylesbury Grammar School through an exploration of key events and personalities that have left a lasting impact on the School. The story is engrossing, lively, sometimes surprising, and beautifully illustrated, with many stunning photographs reproduced which have not been published previously. Importantly, this is a book for the entire AGS community – those who have left, those who are here right here now and those who might be part of our future including of course members of the local Aylesbury community.

It is a book be enjoyed, referred to, and cherished for years to come.


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Published29 September 2023



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