Badminton School

This richly illustrated volume tells the story of the school from its foundation by Miriam Badock in 1858, right up to the present day. It traces the transformation of Badminton under the Headship of Beatrice Baker (1912-46), who had somewhat radical political views and is undoubtedly the individual most responsible for shaping the ethos of the school.

The novelist Iris Murdoch, a former pupil, recalled: 'I went to this eccentric and, I think, very good school. It was rather left-wing … with enlightened liberal views and an internationally-minded idealistic ethos. We were to serve the world and help our society, and also to seek academic excellence. We were interested in politics and world affairs, world peace and the League of Nations … '

Laced with a mix of serious, amusing and moving anecdotes, Badminton School: The First 150 Years captures the many changing phases of a very individual school for girls, which still today remains true to the cosmopolitan, internationalist outlook forged in the past, while developing in recent years an outstanding academic record and a reputation for allowing girls to develop their true potential across a wide range of activities.

Published1 September 2008