Berkhamsted School

Berkhamsted Free Grammar School was founded in 1541 by John Incent, Dean of St Paul's. For 100 years it flourished but for the next two centuries it languished under negligent leadership until reestablished in 1841. 1888 saw the establishment of the Girls' Grammar School, Berkhamsted and in 1996 the radical move was made to merge the two schools.

2016 will be the 475th anniversary of Incent's foundation, and it is to mark this event that this history has been written. It covers the whole span of the schools' existence, though concentrating on the past 40 years when the idea of merging the schools grew, at times painfully, from a fancy to a clear-eyed determination.

The outcome was the creation of a very different school, which somehow contrives to preserve the virtues and the values which distinguished the two establishments from which it grew. Illustrated with a striking blend of photography and images from the School's Archive and stunning modern photography, this account by former English Master John Davison aims to provide a clear narrative at the same time as highlighting personalities and including reminiscences from former staff and pupils.

Published30 October 2015