Cambridge Depicted

Cambridge Depicted features engravings of colleges and prominent religious and secular buildings taken from the book Cantabrigia Depicta, first published in 1809. The 36 original black and white engravings have been restored and artistically coloured to create an elegant and lively illustrated hardback.

Each institution has a brief up-to-date description of its history and its buildings, together with biographies of the notable men and women associated with them. These biographies embrace founders, scientists, martyrs, authors and poets, together with modern personalities from film, television, theatre and sport. The text of Cambridge Depicted includes the 14 colleges founded since the original work was published.

The work is a unique tribute to Cambridge that extends from its distant origins to the present. It should be enjoyed by all those with a connection to Cambridge, whether past or present members of the University, residents of the City, or visitors.

"Congratulations on this excellent book. I bought one when first available."

– Sir John Bradfield, former Senior Bursar, Trinity College, Cambridge

"I think the book is terrific, a really clever and informative way of 'depicting' Cambridge, I love the title."

– Lord Broers, Vice Chancellor, 1996-2003

Published27 September 2013