Clare Hall

Clare Hall celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2016. The commemorative publication Clare Hall: A 50th Anniversary Portrait is a full-colour, richly illustrated book which chronicles the development of the College, from its inception to its plans for the future, from the perspective of those who were there. As is appropriate for such an egalitarian institution, contributors are drawn from the entire community from the earliest founding Fellows and former Presidents, to current Research Students, Visiting Fellows, friends and College staff.

Originally conceived by Senior Members of Clare College as a centre for advanced research, Richard Eden recounts how Clare Hall was founded as a separate institution in 1966 and achieved its own Royal Charter in 1984. Its buildings, designed with the needs of families in mind, were the work of Ralph Erskine, famous for innovative social housing projects such as the Byker complex in Newcastle. Opened in 1969, the buildings' concept and significance in contemporary architecture are examined by Deborah Howard, while the evolution of the magnificent gardens in which they are set is detailed by John Parker. The seven presidencies are recalled by an array of distinguished Fellows and others discuss the world-renowned Tanner and Ashby Lectures, the remarkable College art collection with its emphasis on local artists and the genesis of College music.

Published28 July 2016