Clare through the Twentieth Century

Featuring a foreword by Sir David Attenborough, this lavishly illustrated book on Clare College, Cambridge, presents a fascinating insight into college life and learning through the twentieth century. As the editor says in her preface, 'Clare is, indeed, a precious jewel in the well-stocked Cambridge treasury. Unique in its architecture, strong in fellowship and spirit, conservative in its traditions, its progress has been made in sure, measured steps, rather than impetuous strides'.

'In summer the car was replaced by the punt, and Clare came into its own. Armed with a wind-up gramophone, bottles of wine and a copy of The Four Quartets, we would shunt our way to Grantchester, riding perilously low on the water as we collected friends along the way. We felt creative, we would feed the ducks bread soaked on vodka, which yielded new perspectives on synchronised swimming, commented one of the many contributors.