Consider the Lilies

How did a small school on The Green in Calne with only a handful of pupils in 1873 evolve over 140 years into the St Mary's Calne we see today in 2013; a school that stands proudly on the international stage while still valuing its founding principles and its sense of community?

The answer lies in the faith and vision of its founders, the far- sightedness, determination and commitment of its leaders and the dedication and professionalism of its staff. The journey that St Mary's Calne has taken has been a remarkable one. From the start, its pupils were given a strong moral framework and a first class education within a deeply caring environment. St Mary's pupils make life-long friends and the great spirit of the school continues to be passed down the generations. This is captured in Consider the Lilies, a beautifully produced history book which provides a stunning visual archive, as well as a multi-faceted portrait of St Mary's Calne in every era.

Published31 October 2013