Leeds Trinity University

In 1966, two Catholic teacher-training colleges opened in Leeds – Trinity College for women and All Saints College for men. This book chronicles the pioneering vision of the founders of these colleges, through 50 years of change and challenges, to the modern Leeds Trinity University. Leeds Trinity University's Catholic faith foundation is still central to its activities and the University is characterised by its sense of community and a genuine commitment to inclusiveness and respect for all faiths and beliefs. True to the founders' original vision, it remains focused on helping young people from all backgrounds into higher education and on producing highly employable graduates who make positive, lifelong contributions to society.

Today the University has not only maintained its excellent reputation for teacher training, but also earned national acclaim for the quality of its teaching across a wide range of subject areas including journalism, media and sport. This historical account of the University's 50 years is interspersed with personal memories from some of the 24,000 alumni, 4,000 staff and the many friends and supporters who have contributed to its success.

Published1 September 2016