Pangbourne College

***Nominated for the 2017 Mountbatten Maritime Award for Best Literary Contribution***

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To celebrate the centenary of Pangbourne College in 2016-17 the Board of Governors commissioned this beautifully produced and richly illustrated history to showcase one of the UK's most distinctive schools.

Over the course of its eventful history since 1917, the school, known originally as The Nautical College, Pangbourne, has played a prominent role in national life, provided leaders in many fields, sought to counter some damaging societal trends and retained and developed a unique ethos and can-do mentality.

The journey, as this book highlights, has rarely been smooth. Many large personalities have been involved. There have been clashes over priorities, focus and resources almost from Day One. The country's merchant marine has collapsed, forcing the College to reinvent itself in the turbulent 1970s.

Today, as rarely before in its history, Pangbourne College is experiencing a marked upward trajectory in its fortunes. The book will explore how the school and its traditions have evolved and how it views the next hundred years.

Arranged chronologically, the book contains material drawn from the school archives and an earlier published history, along with reminiscences, a chapter on the achievements of Old Pangbournians and interviews with many of the major individuals concerned. It also contains some stunning full-colour images commissioned specially for the book.

Pangbourne College brings the remarkable Pangbourne story up to date. It will appeal to all who know the prestigious College on top of the hill – alumni, parents, past parents, present and former members of staff and the wider community.

Published3 March 2016