St John's College

Founded in 1511 according to the will (as interpreted by Bishop Fisher of Ely) of Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, St John's has grown steadily over the centuries to be the second largest Cambridge college. With its world famous choir, and distinguished alumni including the poet (William Wordsworth), five prime ministers, no fewer than eight Nobel laureates and at least one wizard (the astrologer John Dee, a favourite of Elizabeth I), St John's and Johnians can claim a notably eclectic tradition.

St John's College, Cambridge – Excellence and Diversity celebrates that tradition, and conveys the life and spirit of the college in this beautifully illustrated volume.

The voices of Johnians from all living generations, vividly recall their experiences of college and university life – the highs, the lows, work and play, college characters and personalities, the politics and the intrigues, the glimpses of the famous before they were famous, even the scandals – forming an unmissable record.

Published1 February 2007