The Cambridge Phenomenon

The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 Years of Innovation and Enterprise is a multi-dimensional portrait of one of the world's most enterprising clusters of technology companies, set against the backdrop of the University of Cambridge. The Cambridge Phenomenon has been the focus of business, economic, political and academic interest for many years. This book tells the inside story of the companies that have made the Phenomenon what it is today, and the remarkable people behind them.

Richly illustrated with photographs, cameos and anecdotes, it showcases not only the companies, but also the game-changing events that have led to dramatic growth and world-beating technologies and products. From computers to video games, from radio to wireless technologies, and from test tubes to blockbuster drugs, the sheer variety of what goes on in Cambridge makes the cluster unique.

"The phenomenon of Cambridge, its university and its cluster, is an inspiring example of the great power of human ingenuity to create enterprises and industries, to make life better and more productive for all of us."

– Bill Gates KBE

Published30 May 2012