The Great Little College

Based on the recollections of Corpus alumni, 'The Great Little College' gives a students'-eye view of life in this community since 1945. It captures the highs and the lows, the surprises and absurdities of an intense and formative phase of young lives. Although seemingly timeless, it gives a vivid, intimate insight into how Corpus life changed with the arrival of women. These personal accounts provide a window into life at an Oxford College and highlight how the University has evolved and adapted over the last 70 years.

As a top global university, Oxford has never been more important. Although the smallest of its constituent colleges, Corpus Christi has long been one of the most distinguished. Founded in 1517 as a 'hive' of scholarly activity, and admired by Erasmus, its more recent alumni range from John Keble to Isaiah Berlin, from Vikram Seth to David and Ed Miliband. Its intimate character and distinguished record have fostered a unique community, special even amongst its peers.

'The whole place felt like a secret garden.' – Nick Witney

'What a privilege, as well as monumental pleasure to have been there. One never really leaves the place.' – Ian Wylie

Published1 June 2017