The King Alfred School

King Alfred School has played an important part in so many people’s lives and this new book celebrates their experiences. On the centenary of the school in 1998, a book was commissioned which told the history of the school using Council Minutes and official documents. This book, in contrast, focusses on those who experienced it, creating a tapestry of stories.

If the centenary book represents ‘the head’, then this volume represents ‘the heart’, inspired by our motto “Out of the Heart Springs Life”. Those working on the book have spent many hours scouring the KAS archive. It is full of rich treasures; photographs, student publications, and artefacts going back to the reign of Queen Victoria. They have also spent many hours listening to the stories of Old Alfredians going back to the 1930s.

These conversations, recorded for ‘125 Old Alfredian Voices’, convey so much affection and appreciation for KAS and show how the underlying philosophy is brought to life. This then is not a conventional anniversary book. Just like KAS, it pushes at the boundaries, refuses to be constrained by convention and champions creativity and originality.

Published22 June 2023