Treasures of Merton College

The richly illustrated Treasures of Merton College features archival and architectural highlights spanning the 750-year life of Merton College. Following an introductory history, this collection of treasures comprises incisive text from members and friends of the College, complemented by specially commissioned photography, revealing the stories behind the formation and growth of the first fully self-governing Oxford college.

Pieces demonstrating Merton's architectural and intellectual legacy, from the University's first quadrangle to the oldest continuously functioning library for academics and students in the world, sit side by side with those that explore the impact of the cultural and scholarly giants from its storied past. Notably, William Harvey, the physician who first described pulmonary circulation of the blood, the College's tradition of great mathematicians from the 14th century to the 21st, and the work of T.S. Eliot and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Published1 November 2013