Treasures of St Andrews University Library

St Andrews University Library has been a Copyright Deposit Library for over a century, and the vast collections range from manuscripts from the dawn of Christendom and books from early European printing to contemporary fine imprints. From its beginnings in mediaeval cathedral book presses to the modern hub of learning, St Andrews University library now sits within an institution of international academic reputation.

St Andrews was one of the crucibles of early photographic development and Treasures of St Andrews University Library features highlights from an astonishing photographic archive, which now contains almost 750,000 images taken in Scotland and across the globe. The university's own institutional archive exits as a living collection that documents the rich life of the institution from its foundation and this illustrated volume presents 50 unmissable items from across the collections.

"Scholars, staff and students at the University of St Andrews are extraordinarily privileged to have such precious resources to draw on as we make our own contributions to our academic community here in Scotland and beyond. I hope that this book will, in its turn, prove a source of inspiration and delight to its readers."

– Louise Richardson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Published1 September 2010