Since the UCLA History Project was launched in 2004, UCLA have been chronicling a full account of their alma mater, from humble beginnings to their current standing as one of the world's most prestigious public research universities. The research and editorial team for this publication delved into the untold number of historical documents and photographs preserved in UCLA's archives and beyond, interviewed numerous members of the UCLA community, and searched for materials and anecdotes that were on the verge of becoming permanently lost or forgotten.

'100 years of UCLA on your coffee table.'

Los Angeles Times

'I wanted to create an authentic, historical account of our university. Every day I am inspired by the story of UCLA and I see its history as a collective, living legacy that we all share.'

– Marina Dundjerski

'The book is indeed beautiful. Thank you so much for all the work that went into it.'

– Rhea Turtletaub, Vice Chancellor, UCLA External Affairs

Published30 November 2011