Untold Stories

2022 marks the 175th Anniversary of the founding of Radley College and 'Untold Stories', a beautiful hardback book, celebrates Radley's history through a series of chapters based on the school's four founding principles: Christianity, aesthetics, pastoral care, and collegiality.

Author Clare Sargent, considers the changing impact of these founding principles on the college's development and on the subsequent lives of Old Radleians. It focuses on untold stories of individuals and artefacts to reveal a rich heritage of boarding life, educational change, landscape history and the impact of one school on charities, the arts, and sport, across its first 175 years. We also glimpse Radley as it is today, through the lens of those founding principles, and explore their relevance as Radley moves forward into the next 175 years.

About Radley College

Radley College, formally St Peter's College, Radley, is a boys' public school (independent boarding school) in Oxfordshire, England, which was founded in 1847.

Published5 May 2022


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