Wellington College

Wellington College: The First 150 Years is a truly worthy portrait of the life, traditions and experience of 'College', capturing that essential and unique Wellingtonian spirit. In a lively visual format, the first half of the book traces the fascinating story of the College's Royal foundation for the 'sons of heroes', in memory of Britain's great national heroic figure, Arthur, Duke of Wellington, and its rapid development into one of the greatest of English Victorian public schools, close to the centre of national life.

The book shows how, true to the founding ideals of the College, Wellingtonians of every generation over a century and a half have served their country with distinction, in the public service, the professions, commerce and the arts. The narrative and illustrations also reveal why, like all institutions, Wellington has continually had to adapt in response to changing circumstances, through the upheavals of the last century to today's World.

Published1 November 2008