Publishing for the local community

In early January we published British School Al Khubairat: A 50th Anniversary Portrait. We worked closely with the school to tailor the book to its setting in the United Arab Emirates and ensure that the content remained sensitive to the local culture; from the introduction penned by the Sheikh (printed in both English and Arabic) to our Islamic inspired cover design. The cover references the geometric shapes and patterns on the exterior walls of the school. These patterns are a distinctive and intricate feature of regional architecture and Islamic art.

This book acted as a successful marketing tool that not only celebrated the school’s golden anniversary but strengthened the links with their community and alumni. Our tailored, online, pre-order programme promoted the book to British School’s close-knit community, offering readers the chance to receive a discount on the book and to list their names inside.

We were thrilled to receive such a positive response from the school’s community, and from the school themselves, with over 500 books pre-selling before publication.